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While the lab ventures into many frontiers our work can be classified into three main categories:

Microbial Cell Biology

Much of our research focuses on dissecting microbial cell biology, with a particular emphasis on cellular nanomachines. To date we have imaged nearly 100 microbial species by cryoET. Current areas of study include cell plans, the cytoskeleton, subcellular compartmentalization, the mechanics of cell division, motility and navigation, and bacterial warfare.


Structural Biology of HIV

The biology of viruses is tightly linked to their structure. We are therefore using cryoET to unravel the structure of HIV and its interaction with host cells.


Cryo-Electron Microscopy Technology Development

CryoET is a rapidly evolving technology and we are pushing its evolution on several fronts. These include curating increasing volumes of 3-D imaging data, implementing new technology, and developing novel imaging techniques.